Nov 062014
Logserver with Elasticsearch / Logstash / Rsyslog / Kibana on Ubuntu 14.04

In this Documentation I will show how to install and configure Elasticsearch (Log Store and search) / Logstash (Log forwarder) / Rsyslog (Syslog) / Kibana (Web GUI). Logstash will get the Logs from Rsyslog, with this setup it is possible to send standard syslog to the Logserver. The goal is to use whenever possible Repositories […]

Jun 212013

Install MIBS downloader sudo apt-get install snmp-mibs-downloader sudo cp /usr/share/doc/snmp-mibs-downloader/examples/cisco* /etc/snmp-mibs-downloader/ cd /etc/snmp-mibs-downloader && sudo gzip -d ciscolist.gz change /etc/snmp-mibs-downloader/snmp-mibs-downloader.conf to BASEDIR=/var/lib/mibs AUTOLOAD="rfc ianarfc iana cisco" change /etc/snmp-mibs-downloader/cisco.conf to HOST= ARCHIVE=v2.tar.gz ARCHTYPE=tgz DIR=pub/mibs/v2/ ARCHDIR=auto/mibs/v2 CONF=ciscolist DEST=cisco edit /etc/snmp-mibs-downloader/ciscolist and remove lines containing CISCO-802-TAP-MIB CISCO-IP-TAP-CAPABILITY CISCO-IP-TAP-MIB CISCO-SYS-INFO-LOG-MIB CISCO-TAP2-CAPABILITY CISCO-TAP2-MIB CISCO-TAP-MIB CISCO-USER-CONNECTION-TAP-MIB Start downloading all the configured […]

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Jun 212013

If you ever have setup an snmp client on a Linux System you know how difficult it is to get SNMP Mibs, do the OID Translation etc. The following shows howto setup SNMP on a Ubuntu Linux Host Setup SNMP apt-get install snmp Comment out the line mibs : in the file /etc/snmp/snmp.conf OID Conversion […]

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Jun 092010
Mobile Internet Connect via Bluetooth

The following describes howto activate a connection between a ubuntu linux desktop and a bluetooth mobile device. The example script /etc/chatscripts/bluetoothconn is created for swisscom connection. The script will be adaptable for other providers without any problems. Thanks for Patrick for his help. Bluetooth History   Harald Bluetooth   Harald Bluetooth Prerequisites Packets Packets to […]

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Apr 232010

WLAN und LAN Konfiguration EEEPC 901 Ubuntu (WLAN mit AWUS036H USB Wlan (ALFA) support) WLAN ! Achtung, die Anleitung gilt nur für den 901, ev. 1000. der EEEPC900 verwendet einen anderen WLAN Chip. Bei der Installation von Ubuntu 8.04 werden einige Devices nicht richtig erkannt. Es gibt verschiedene Möglichkeiten um LAN, WLAN etc. zum funktionieren […]

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Apr 222010

If the dependencies have changed on one of the packages you have installed so that a new package must be installed to perform the upgrade then that will be listed as "kept-back". root@sun:~# apt-get upgrade Building Dependency Tree… Done The following packages have been kept back: bind9-host dnsutils imagemagick libmagick6 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, […]

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Apr 222010

Setting: HP nc6320 with Ubuntu 8.04 External Sceen Acer x223wQ Tools vi xrandr (optional – not realy needed) 915resolution Setting GMA 950 Bios Settings List available modes sudo 915resolution -l because 1680×1050 is not available we replace a not used resolution, for example number 34: sudo 915resolution 34 1680 1050 34 sudo 915resolution check if […]

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Apr 222010

How to change HD encryption (LUKS) password in Ubuntu change key cryptsetup -y luksAddKey /dev/sda1 :~$ sudo cryptsetup -y luksAddKey /dev/sda1 Enter any LUKS passphrase: key slot 0 unlocked. Enter new passphrase for key slot: Verify passphrase: Command successful. Reboot the machine. Delete a key: cryptsetup luksDelKey /dev/sda5 NUMBER where NUMBER is the key slot […]

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